Circulars List

Sl. No. Tittle Date Description Category
1 F23(34)Accts/CCE/Scholarship/2017-18/943 25/01/2018 Press-Vigyapti for Scholarship to Meritorious daughters of Ex-ServiceMan Scholarships
2 F23(80)/Acctts/CCE/SO/2017-18/955 25/01/2018 Regarding CM Higher Education Scholarship programme dates Scholarships
3 F20(101)SF/Acctts/Budget/CCE/17-18/405 05/01/2018 Regarding additional Budget distribution Accounts
4 F20(101)SF/Acctts/Budget/CCE/17-18/404 05/01/2018 Regarding Budget distribution Accounts
5 F20(101)/Nonplan/Accts/Budget/CCE/2017-18/406 05/01/2018 Regarding surrender of Budget 2017-18 Establishment
6 F26(Circular)Estt/DCE/2018/925 05/01/2018 Regarding Republic day Celebration 2018 Establishment
7 CCE/P&C/Innnov. Cell/2017/65 05/01/2018 Application form for IGNOU courses (as per above order) P&C
8 CCE/P&C/Innnov. Cell/2017/65 05/01/2018 Regarding Skill Development courses from IGNOU P&C
9 F23(80)Accts/CCE/OS/2017-18/861 05/01/2018 Regarding Devnarayan Girls Scooty/Medhavi Girls Scooty/CM BEd Sambal (For Widow and Divorcee) Scheme Accounts
10 F30()SPD/RUSA/2017/1249 05/01/2018 Regarding organizing Entrepreneurship and Employment fair 2018 in colleges RUSA
11 F1(73)PS/CCE/12/993 03/01/2018 Vigyapti for interim seniority list for Sr. Lab Assistant PS
12 F1CMHL/Admin/CCE/2017-18/515 03/01/2018 Regarding resolving of grievances on CM Helpline Admin
13 F20(101)Admin/CCE/HE portal/1272 03/01/2018 Regarding Higher Education Portal College Modules Completion Admin
14 F8(17)RUCTA(R)Acad/DCE/15/7 dt. 2.1.18 03/01/2018 Regarding Permission for Special CL for RUCTA (R) Annual Conference at Bikaner Academic
15 F8(Misc)NSS/2016/6 02/01/2018 Regarding Drug Abuse and Resistance Education NSS
16 F12(150)Plan/CCE/2013/01 02/01/2018 Regarding functioning of Mahavidyaalay Vikas Samiti Plan
17 F1(111)PS/CCE/14/Part/994 02/01/2018 Order regarding non-teaching employees work order arrangement extension PS
18 F24()Accts-A/Anu/CCE/2017/1973 02/01/2018 Regarding decision of High court dated 30.11.17 Accounts
19 F1(153)PS/CCE/2000/996 02/01/2018 Vigyapti regarding interim seniority list of Lab Assistants PS
20 F24(Policy19-20)BEd/CCE/2017/763 01/01/2018 Order regarding State Govt. Policy for granting NOC/recommendation to NCTE for teacher Education colleges/opening new programme/increase seats for session 2019-20 B.ED
21 F23(45)Acctts/CCE/CMHE/2017-18/847 dt 29.12.17 01/01/2018 Regarding beneficiary information of CMHE Scholarship Accounts
22 F23(80)Acctts/CCE/online Sch/2017-18/850 01/01/2018 Regarding online Application of Medhavi Scooty / Devnarayan Girls Scooty Accounts
23 F26(A/18)Estt/CCE/2017/903-915 01/01/2018 Regarding retirement order for non-teaching employeees in 2018 Establishment
24 F7(4)AcademicCalendar/Acad/CCE/03/886 27/12/2017 Order for Academic Calendar 2018 Academic
25 F8(Seminar)Acad/CCE/12/502 27/12/2017 Regarding National Teachers Congress (NTC) on 10-12 January, 2018 at MIT Campus, Pune Academic
26 F15(04)Stat/CCE/Plan/2015-16/18 26/12/2017 List of Private colleges who have not submitted Statistics Booklet for session 2017-18 (as per order above) Plan
27 F15(04)Stat/CCE/Plan/2017-18/18 26/12/2017 Reminder for Sending Statistics Booklet for session 2017-18 (Private college-list uploaded below) Plan
28 F12(85)Plan/CCE/96/Part-II/1458 26/12/2017 Regarding repairing of Non-Residential building in Govt. Colleges Plan
29 F20(101/127/17)PIO/CCE/2005/2696 26/12/2017 Regarding sending of Annual Report of RTI act 2005 PIO
30 F20(101)/Accts/Budget/CCE/2017-18/396 26/12/2017 Regarding budget distribution Accounts