Circulars List

Sl. No. Tittle Date Description Category
1 F23(07)Estt/CCE/RVRES/16/263 24/05/2018 Regarding sending of original service record as per contempt of court cases HRD
2 F23(45)Accts/CCE/CMHESch/letter/146 24/05/2018 Regarding sending information of pending CMHE scholarship Scholarships
3 F24()Acctts-A/CCE/2017/2695 22/05/2018 Regarding hearing of contempt cases for earlier aided colleges Accounts
4 F23(45)Acctts/CCE/CMHE/2017-18/123 dt 21.05.2018 22/05/2018 Regarding sending information of beneficiaries of CMHE Scholarship upto 24.05.2018 Scholarships
5 F23(10)Acctts/CCE/DNYS/Corr/2018-19/118 dt 21.05.2018 22/05/2018 Regarding cancellation of Dev Narayan Scooty 2018-19 Scholarships
6 F7(4)Acad/CCE/AP/2018/1367 18/05/2018 Regarding training of Nodal officers Online Admission Process 2018-19 for UG Part-I on 23-24 May, 2018 at Jaipur Academic
7 F20(101)Plan/CCE/2014-15/1373 18/05/2018 Reminder regarding uploading of DCF-II for AISHE survey 2017-18 from Colleges before 30th May, 2018 Admin
8 F24()Acctts-A/CCE/2017/2690 18/05/2018 Regarding hearing on 21.05.2018 of earlier aided colleges Accounts
9 F24(07)Accts-A/Grant/CCE/2017/2684 18/05/2018 Regarding sending due-drawn statement for court contempt cases (as per order) Accounts
10 F7(4)Swachhata/Acad/CCE/2014/1037 17/05/2018 Regarding Extension of date for registration for Swachha Bharat Internship Programme Academic
11 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Ref/Ajmer/09/II/604 17/05/2018 Regarding Refresher course on Research Methodology at MDSU, Ajmer Academic
12 F20(101/06)Plan/CCE/18-19/1018-1028 dt. 11.05.2018 17/05/2018 Regarding sanction of posts for new Government Colleges at Kaman (Bharatpur) and Dungargarh (Bikaner) Plan
13 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Ref/.ST/Jaipur/15/602 16/05/2018 Regarding Refresher course on International Relations (Multi Disciplinary) at RU, Jaipur Academic
14 F4(Exam)CCE/PI/17/94 15/05/2018 Regarding conducting examination of Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Service Selection Board in private colleges PI
15 F23(45)Accts/CCE/CMHE/Letter/2018-19/107 dt. 14.5.2018 15/05/2018 Regarding sending information of CMHE scholarship Scholarships
16 F24(3)Misc/Acc-A/GIA/CCE/2018/2636 dt. 11.5.2018 15/05/2018 Regarding sending information of Non-RVRES employees of previous Aided Colleges Accounts
17 F24(3)Misc/Acc-A/GIA/CCE/2018/2616 dt. 11.5.2018 15/05/2018 Regarding Minutes of Meeting Held on 11.5.18 under Chairmainship of CS Accounts
18 F7(GuruShishyaSawad)/Acad/CCE/2017/79 11/05/2018 Regarding applying for NCC unit in college Academic
19 F1(111)PS/CCE/14/Part/1306 11/05/2018 Information sending of AAO-I, AAO-II, Jr Accountant, IA Vacant post Admin
20 F20(101/11)Plan/CCE/2018-19/1003 10/05/2018 Regarding sanctioned subject in Faculty of Arts for Newly opened Government Colleges Plan
21 F4(314)Plan/CCE/BF/2018/97 10/05/2018 Regarding Boys Fund Plan
22 F7(4)Acad/CCE/SUE/2017/186 09/05/2018 Regarding Filling Spread sheet "Student Union" Academic
23 F8(Swachhta Pakhwada)/NSS/2017/184 09/05/2018 Reminder Regarding summer internship scheme in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Academic
24 F8(Yog Divas)NSS/CCE/15/183 09/05/2018 Celebrating 21st June, 2018 as "International Yog Divas" Academic
25 F4(Policy)/PI/CCE/2017-18/57 08/05/2018 Regarding Last Chance for online application of NOC for 320 private colleges as per attached list PI
26 F7(4)Swachhata/Acad/CCE/2014/1024 08/05/2018 Regarding Swachha Bharat Internship Programme Academic
27 F1(13)PS/CCE/2015/1291 dt.4.5.18 07/05/2018 Regarding Final Seniority list of Class IV Admin
28 F23(45)Accts/CCE/CMHE/Letter/2018-19/93 07/05/2018 Regarding Remaining CM Scholarship 2015-16 and 2016-17 Scholarships
29 F23(07)Estt/CCE/RVRES/16/214 04/05/2018 Regarding sending original documents for contempt of court cases Legal
30 F23(45)Accts/CCE/CMHE/Letter/2018-19/57 04/05/2018 Order regarding re-opening of portal for scholarship for removing objections from 5th to 11th May 2018 Scholarships