Circulars List

Sl. No. Tittle Date Description Category
1 F8(Misc)NSS/16/611 06/12/2018 Regarding postponement of District Youth Mock Parliament (Colleges Related To NSS) NSS
2 F20(101)/IT/CCE/2018-19/AISHE/1553 05/12/2018 Regarding filling and uploading of DCF_II for AISHE survey 2018-19 before 31.12.18 IT
3 F20(purskar)NSS/CCE/12/609 05/12/2018 Regarding NSS Puraskar 2017-18 NSS
4 F8(Misc)NSS/2016/601 03/12/2018 Regarding organizing District Youth Mock Parliament (Colleges related to NSS) Academic
5 F20(205)NSS/17/603 03/12/2018 Regarding Participation in "National Integration Camp" at Rajasthan University from 8-14 December, 2018 (Colleges related to NSS) Academic
6 F20(101)SF/Accts/Budget/CCE/18-19/3834 30/11/2018 Order regarding Budget distribution as per list Accounts
7 F24(J)(1)(UGC)Accts/CCE/Payfixation/2018/03 30/11/2018 Pay fixation schedule for Teachers, Librarian and PTIs Government colleges under Rajasthan Revised (UGC) pay scale 2018 Accounts
8 F1()Adm/CCE/2018/2035 29/11/2018 Reminder regarding sending information of officials retiring in 2019 Admin
9 F7(4)Acad/CCE/UO Note/2015/1199 29/11/2018 Regarding Reservation for Specially abled candidates in Academic and Competitive Examinations Academic
10 F25(J)(1)(UGC)Accts/CCE/Payfixation/2018/3163-3165 26/11/2018 Pay Fixation, Allowances and Deductions for Govt Colleges Teachers, Librarian and PTIs under Rajasthan Revised (UGC) Pay Rules 2018 Accounts
11 F25(J)(1)(UGC)Accts/CCE/Payfixation/2018/3159 26/11/2018 Regarding Pay fixation under revised UGC Pay rules 2018 of Lecturers, Librarian,and PTI Accounts
12 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Orient/Jaipur/09/750 20/11/2018 Regarding Orientation Course From 3.12.18 to 29.12.18 at Univ. of Rajasthan, Jaipur Academic
13 F8(Misc)NSS/CCE/16/592 20/11/2018 NSS CAMPUS IN YEAR 2018-19 NSS
14 F8(yuva)Acad/CCE/16/594 20/11/2018 Foundation will observe the "Communal Harmony Campaign Week " From 19th to 25th November 2018 and 22nd November 2018 will be observed as "Flag Day" Academic
15 F4(20)CCE/PI/2018/98 15/11/2018 Regarding Unique Codes for Private Colleges of Ajmer Division PI
16 F7(Misc)Acad/CCE/Part/18/200 15/11/2018 Regarding Essay writing competition on Dr. Ambedkar on "Constitution Day" - 26th November, 2018 Academic
17 F8(CulturalActivities)Acad/CCE/2018/202 15/11/2018 Regarding National Essay Writing Competition on "Agricultural Waste to Wealth" Academic
18 F 7(4)Academic Calendar/Acad/CCE/03/1195 15/11/2018 Regarding Public Holidays in 2019 (Calendar) Academic
19 F25(E/01)Acctts/CCE/2018/114 12/11/2018 Reminder regarding Compliance For Pending AG Para Accounts
20 F8(Sanskriti Pro)Acad/CCE/2018/195 date 5.11.18 06/11/2018 Regarding use of Logo of 150th Birth Anniversary of Rashtra Pita Mahatma Gandhi Academic
21 F7(Misc)Acad/CCE/2018/Part/1190 05/11/2018 Regarding Celebration of national Education Day on 11 November 2018 Academic
22 F1()PS/CCE/18/1566 02/11/2018 Regarding sending information of DE, Child declaration etc for DPC PS
23 F20(101)/Budget/Accts/CCE/2018/107-108 02/11/2018 Regarding Budget estimate of 2019-20 Accounts
24 F25(D)Accts/CCE/auction/2016-17/01 02/11/2018 Regarding sending information of income of auction Accounts
25 F()Admn/CCE/2018/1793 01/11/2018 Regarding Business Registration for NGO/VO Admin
26 F()Admn/CCE/2018/1794 01/11/2018 Regarding Revised Civil Service Rules 2017 Admin
27 F20(Purskar) NSS/CCE/12/576 01/11/2018 Regarding State level Prize for NSS 2017-18 NSS
28 F20(101)SF/Accts/Budget/CCE/18-19/101 01/11/2018 Regarding additional budget allotment to colleges Accounts
29 F8(Misc)/Acad/ExamLeave/2015-16/713 31/10/2018 Regarding clarification in declaring Non-Teaching Days For RPSC Sr Teacher Exam 2018 In Colleges Having RPSC Exam Centres Academic
30 F.7(4)Acad/CCE/LawAdmission/16/I/1182 31/10/2018 Regarding admission in LLB first year in 5 Govt. Law Colleges (Nagaur, Sikar, Bhilwara, Ajmer, Bundi) Academic