Objective Of Establishing Model Colleges
With a vision to develop some colleges in the State as ideal colleges to inculcate quality in the higher education and to make the State a leading State in the field of Higher Education. 

The objective of establishing ideal colleges is to make these colleges of National standards with such amenities and facilities so that they may be a source of inspiration and providers of guidelines for other colleges of the State.
Expectations From Model Colleges
These colleges would keep themselves aware and updated with all healthy traditions and latest technologies & techniques of higher education and inculcate them in their colleges as and when needed. These model colleges would provide academic, managerial and other specialized guidance to the colleges of their divisions so that a chain improvisation, up gradation and quality may begin.

It would be expected that the model colleges would the highest exhibit the highest norms of work culture creativity, awareness and accountability.
Role Of State Government And Commissionerate
i To lay down selection process and select the colleges
ii To provide guidelines for establishing model colleges
iii To provide necessary administrative sanctions and guidelines to overcome bottlenecks.
iv To provide limited financial help
v To facilitate financial help from other agencies
Beneficiaries Of Model Colleges
Model colleges would work on the principle of 'sarvajan hitay' (welfare of all) and `janana vardhanaya`(increasing knowledge)
Quality Education
Personality Development
Cost-Effective Education
Better Employability
Skill Development
Faculty Members
Capacity Building
Better work environment
Job satisfaction
Managerial Skills
Better and Effective Management
Better Results
Development of Infrastructural facilities
Prestige Enhancement
State Government
Achieving the goals of welfare State
Prestige enhancement on National Level