Department Of Sanskrit Education


The Department of Sanskrit Education was founded in the year 1958. With its Directorate office at Jaipur, the Department has six divisional offices located at Divisional Head quarters of the state.

Ojective :-

Sanskrit is the life line of the spiritual consciousness of India. It is not merely a language. It is the life style of India. Enriched with Indian scriptures, Sanskrit gives the divine message of world peace and prosperity of mankind. Rajasthan is the only state in the country which has a separate department of Sanskrit education. Established in the year 1958, the department has been working for the promotion and propagation of Sanskrit language in the state. Successive governments in the state have attached great importance to Sanskrit language. The creation of a separate post of Principal Secretary, Sanskrit Education shows resolve of the state Government for the development of Sanskrit Education. Departmental institutions offer a wide variety of Sanskrit subjects including Nayaya Darshan, Mimansa, Sankhya Yoga, Purohitya, Jain Darshan, Vastu Shastra, Samudrik Shastra, Philosophy of Ramanujan and Nimbark, Vedanta, Astrology etc.which will influence our future research in a big way. The department has been established with the following objectives: