REAP 2015
(Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process)

31/08/2015 Extension of date (Direct admission)  
13/08/2015 Guidelines for Direct Admission  
30/07/2015 Upward movement Allotment 
22/07/2015 Guidelines and performa for submission of income certificate (certificate-6)
21/07/2015 Request Letter and Guidelines for Upward Movement
20/07/2015 Provisional Allotment 
14/07/2015 Notification for manual counselling (Ex-Serviceman, Physically Handicaped and Kashmiri Migrants)  
13/07/2015 Revised merit based on JEE(mains)-2015 score upto earlier merit 3208  
12/07/2015 Seat Matrix to be used for allotment on the basis of JEE Main-2015 Score 
12/07/2015 Seat Matrix to be used for allotment on the basis of XII percentile 
12/07/2015 Guidelines for filling online option form  
11/07/2015 Merit  
17/06/2015 Notification regarding extension date for online application form
01/06/2015 Online Application form  
01/06/2015 General Instructions
01/06/2015 Formats of Various certificates
01/06/2015 Notification
28/05/2015 Information regarding Admission to Degree Engineering courses
14/07/2015 Architecture - Upward movement Allotment 
03/07/2015 Guidelines and performa of request letter for upward movement  
01/07/2015 Architecture Allotment     
27/06/2015 Architecture Merit 
09/06/2015 Online Application cum option form
09/06/2015 General Instructions
09/06/2015 Seat Matrix
09/06/2015 Format of various certificates
09/06/2015 Medical Performa
09/06/2015 Notification
10/07/2015 Provisional Allotment list of Out of Rajasthan candidates through JEE (Mains) 2015 Score  
08/07/2015 Provisional Merit of Outside Rajasthan candidates through JEE (Mains) 2015 Score  
16/06/2015 Online Application cum option form  
16/06/2015 Notification for outside Rajasthan candidates through JEE (Mains) 2015 Score
16/06/2015 Seat Matrix
16/06/2015 General Instructions
16/06/2015 Medical Performa