In institutes of higher education, libraries are the incubation centres of human potentialities. They store the energy that fuels the imagination and paves the way for improving our quality of life. Libraries play a fundamental role in enhancing the learning experience, providing students with all the materials and services they need to improve their knowledge.
Our college library is a quite comfortable place which permits the scholars to concentrate and inculcate an in-depth understanding of the content.

  • The double storied library building of the college occupies more than 700 area with facilities like reading rooms, reference rooms, stack rooms and administrative section.
  • The treasure available in the magnificent library building of the institute includes text-books of various subjects, reference books and journals, national and local newspaper and other published material including magazines.
  • The college library is enriched with rare collection of encyclopaedias, biographies of eminent personalities, historical printed books, manuscripts.
  • It provides physical as well as digital access to study material.
  • Free Wi-Fi facility in the college campus is also available to download e-book and e-journals.
  • For participation in Resource sharing networks / consortia INFLIBNET connection is available in the library.