A 4 year undergraduate degree course in Fine Arts in four streams i.e. Applied Art, Painting, and Sculptures, that can be opted after minimum qualification of 10+2. The most influential method of promotion whether it involves ideas, products or people, this undergraduate course is designed to educate and develop creative/artistic and imaginative students for career in the field of visual arts as well as application of art for the purpose of enhancing the life style. They are taught how to learn to think and solve design problem creativity. Besides mastering the systems and principles used in carrying out creative design solutions, students also learn to become professionals. Creative practices are done to shape ideas in contemporary visual art by translating concepts into expressions. They explore and experience it by using various mediums and styles. The course is also designed to produce professionals with the knowledge, experience and capabilities to enter the fields of advertising, marketing, animation, media, publishing houses, TV & Cinematography production unit, academicians and free lancers. This programme also offers the creative and artistic individuals a range of opportunities in the field of visual arts with a scope to enter the Professional field of art and craft sector.



             This 2 year postgraduate programme of MFA is designed to pursue creative ambitions in visual art. The MFA course in all three streams i.e. Applied Art, Painting, and Sculpture holds within the enhanced and more developed purpose oriented training in their specified studios with full facilities. The course caters to enrich the know how of realising ideas through specialised medium, style or form. Creative Individuals are encouraged to gain insights and to develop their works intellectually, conceptually, technically and to be profession ready as per the demands of the field/industry. The course module is critically developed to brush professional skills and develop one's career as an art practitioner.