As Physics is the mother of all branches of engineering therefore experiments perform in Physics Lab. are very usefull for further technical education. In Physics Lab students learn how to read the scale of instruments accurately.

Basic knowledge gained in Chemistry Lab. is very essential for some branches of engineering viz. Chemical Engineering, Plastic Technology, Petro-Chemical Engineering & Civil Engineering etc. In Chemistry Lab. qualitative and quantitative analysis is carried out.

Practice of these experiments in both the laboratory with accuracy minimize the chances of personal error in further study.

Physics, Chemistry & Maths are base of engineering. Therefore no placement is possible without study of these subjects. Communication Skill is also very useful to prepare students to face the interview for placement. There are two laboratories in Department of Humanities (Non- Technical), Such as –

  1. Applied Physics Lab
  2. Applied Chemistry Lab
  3. English Language Lab
  Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
  MrHArshit Bhatt Lecturer(Contract) Chemistry
  Mr. Hemant Teli Lecturer (Contract ) Math
  Mr. Tapan Goyal Lecturer (Contract) English