III Cell (Industry- Institute-Interaction cell)


Training & Placement Cell



The III cell plays an important role in locating job opportunities for diploma holders passing out from the college by keeping in touch with industrial establishments.

The objective of the Training & Placement cell is to facilitate the process of placement and ensure that each eligible student gets an opportunity of employment.

Activities Conducted by III Cell

  1. The III Cell arranges various technical and soft skills programs which elevate the skills and increases the confidence of the students while facing the various tests and interviews conducted by the companies.
  2. The III Cell offers services like guidance on a wide range of issues, such as employment, career planning, opportunities, startup awareness  etc; thereby preparing students effectively for the future.
  3. The cell operates continuously round the year to facilitate contacts between students and industry through industrial visits, industrial trainings and expert lectures delivered by experts from industries.  To fulfill these objectives MoU’s are signed from time to time with various industries.
  4. The Cell maintains a constant contact with the students through notices, circulars, E-mail and WhatsApp groups.
  5. The III Cell also makes an arrangement for internship of students by contacting various companies in summer vacations.
  6. Through III Cell , registration of students is done on portals e.g. NCS Portal , AICTE Internship Portal, Neat Portal , i-Start Portal etc. for employment  and internship

        We hope that through the initiative and continuous efforts from III cell, the students will be able to withstand in competitive environment and make a mark in the industry by become a successful engineer.

Contact Us :-

 Dr. Vikas Marwal

Assistant Training & Placement officer (ATPO)

Government Polytechnic College, Sikar

E-Mail: iiicell.gpcsikar@gmail.com

Mob. : 6367752398

Phone : 01572-274009