There are different UG and PG courses in Science which are mentioned below. All courses are run under the semester scheme of examination. The term of UG courses is 3 years and PG courses is 2 years. 


UG Courses                                            

1. B.Sc. Mathematics (PCM)                               

2. B.Sc. Biology (CBZ)                                       

3. B.Sc. Chemistry (Honours)                

4. B.Sc. Mathematics (Honours)            



Number of Sections in UG Pass Course for-

BSc  (Mathematics) -07

BSc (Biology) - 07


Number of Sections in UG Honours Course for-

B.Sc. Chemistry (Honours) - 01

B.Sc. Mathematics (Honours) -01


PG Courses

1. M.Sc. Botany

2. M.Sc. Chemistry

3. M.Sc. Mathematics

4. M.Sc. Physics

5. M.Sc. Zoology