The Initiatives of IQAC

  1. The impact of technology and globalization has necessitated an urgent need to expand the system of higher education.
  2. The role of IQAC is significant in human resource development and capacity building of individuals, to cater to the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole.
  3. To establish collaborations with industries, network with the neighbourhood agencies/bodies and establish a spirit of competent learning and skilled work among the students.
  4. To establish an environment of value education such as cooperation and mutual understanding through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities.
  5. IQAC cell has the responsibility of training the staff to use technological innovations. To motivate the students and to keep pace with the developments the use of ICT has to be adequate in teaching methodologies. The staff also has ample of task to perform and has to be familiar with technological advancements.
  6. Overall development of students has to be kept in mind and IQAC cell has to continuously endeavour toward excellence in all the fields.