Session 2023-24





Session 2022-2023

Quiz on Rajasthan Government Schemes and Programmes 20.12.2022

Session 2021-2022

IQAC National Web Seminar on 'IPR Awareness' in collaboration with NIPAM,18 January 2022

Web Seminar on IPR


Brochure of the Web Seminar

*SLQAC Online Training Workshop on new AQAR 2020-2021 Format for IQAC Team and the address of Commissioner, College Education on Quality Measures

DRAC Meeting 10 January 2022

*Extension Lecture and Motivational Webinar by Prof.S.K.Kataria for the Students of Public Administration and Political Science on 20 December 2021

*Staff Council Meeting 31 October, 2021

*Vigilance Week Pledge (सतर्कता सप्ताह शपथ कार्यक्रम)

*Satyagrah Week Competitions (सत्याग्रह सप्ताह प्रतियोगिताएं) 11-17 Septemer, 2021

Students Entries

*NAAC International Webinar on 'Building a Quality Culture in the Education Sectors of Oman' on 29 September 2021 (Attended by IQAC Team and other Faculty Members)Bochure of NAAC International Webinar

Webinar Participation Glimpses


Session 2020-2021

1. Constitution Day (26.11.2020)

2. Press Note National Voters Day 2021 (25.01.2021)

NVD Newspaper Clipping

NVD Students Photograph

3. Webinar on Role of Youth in Bio-diversity and Environment Conservation

Webinar Screenshot

4. Progress Report of Nature Club Activities,_sardarshahar/uploads/doc/Progress%20Report%20of%20Nature%20Club%20Activities_Cleanliness%20Drive_2020-2021.pdf