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S. B. D. Government College, Sardarshahar

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Sh. Lal Chand Meena  (Session 2021-22)

Political Science

  1. Procedure For Amending Indian Constitution
  2. Plato ka Shiksha Sidhanat
  3. Bharat China Sambhanad Badlate Aayam
  4. Parrastra Niti Par Kautilya Ke Vichar
  5. Bharat me Sanghiya Vyavstha Ka Swaroop

Public Administration

Gaja Nand Sharma (Session 2021-22)
  1. Election Commisssion of India
  2. Meaning and Evolution of Local Self Government
  E Content Public Administration


Dr. Yogesh Chahar (Session 2021-22 & 2020-21)

  1. Electron Spectra Of  Transition Metal Complex Part -3

  1. Electron Spectra Of  Transition Metal Complex Part -2

  1. Electron Spectra Of  Transition Metal Complex

  1. Chemistry Gyandoot Nuclear Chemistry

  1. Chemistry Gyandoot Nuclear Chemistry



Sh. Krishan Pratap Meena (Session 2021-22 & 2020-21)

     1.  Curve Tracing


  1. Gamma and Beta Functions

  1. Analytic Function

  1. The Calculus of Finite Difference

  1. Forward and Backward difference

  1. Gamma and Beta Functions Properties and Problems

  1. Curve Tracing Polar Coordinate


Hindi Literature

Deave Lal Rojh (Session 2021-22)

  1. Sathottari Kavita (साठोत्तरी कविता)


English Literature

Sh. Naween Kumar Pareek (Session 2021-22 & 2020-21)

  1. How to Score High Marks in English Literature

  1. Literary Terms

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1 ABST- Govt. Bangur College, Pali

2.Economics- Govt. Bangur College, Pali

3. EAFM- Govt Girls College, Nathdwara

4. Chemistry- Dungar College Bikaner

5. Public Administration- Dungar College Bikaner

6. Physics- Dungar College Bikaner

7. History- Lohia College Churu

8. Geography- Govt College Sikar

9. Hindi- GovtCollege, Banswara

10. English-  Govt College, Ajmer

11. Botany- Govt College, Ajmer

12. Zoology- Govt College, Ajmer

13. Political Science- Govt College, Jodhpur

14. Sociology- Govt College, Kota

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