Department of Civil Engineering


Major Facilities

Soil Mechanics Lab

Plastic limit sct (IS:2720 Parts 7), Liquid limit cone Penetrometer (IS:2720 Parts 5), Liquid limit Device (IS:2720 Parts 5),

Core cutter (IS:2720 part 29), Infra-Red moisture Meter (IS:2720 Parts 2), Sieres (30cm dia), Heavy Compaction test ( IS 2720 Part 8),

California Bearing Ratio Apparatus (motorised) (IS: 2720 part 16)

Material Testing Lab

Digital Computerzed UTM, Torsion testing Machine, Rockwell cum Brinll Hardness Testing Machine, Leaf Spring Testing Machine

Highway lab

Particle Size Analysis

Impact Testing Machine

Flash and Fire Point Test Apparatus

Thickness Gauge, Length Gauge

Concrete Technology Lab

Slump Test Apparatus (IS : 7320-1974), Bulk density Measures (IS: 2386)

Vicat Apparatus ( IS:5313), Lechatelier flask for determinations of specific gravity of cements as specified in IS : 403, Made of  90 mm dia of 250 ml copacity, Impact Machine, Lechatelier mould AS per ( IS - 5514),

Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machin,

Survey Lab

Survey Chain (A) size 20 Meter, 2(7) Full aluminium body levelling statt.Telescopic type in three pieces complete in water proof canvare superio quality (i) size 4 meter, Engineears Dumpy level AS per ISI No 4591-1967 Size 175 mm internal fowssing fitted with grodient drum complete in P.V.C. Plastic box with telescopic stand special quality

Mechanics Lab

Vernier calliper least count 0.1 mm drum type steel (sls), Ambros Universal Force Tabre, Overhang beam


Turbidity Meter

Conductivity Meter