Department of Mechanical Engineering



Major Facilities

Welding Shop

Mig welding machine

Arc Welding equipment

Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Equipment

Thermal and I.C. Engine Lab

Multi cylinderes four stroke  Petrol engine test rig

Models of various type of boilers

Air Compressor Performance Test Rig

Single cyilnder diesel engine test rig

Working model of multicylinder petrol engine

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab

Refrigeration test rig

Air conditioning test rig

Tool kit for refrigeration lab

Machine Shop

GIAN Hydraulic Power Hack saw machine

Lapping machine, Lath machine, Shaping machine

Slotting machine, Tool grinders


 Fluid mechanics Lab

Mars Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump Test rig

Franics Turbine test rig, Mars Hydraulic Bench

Mars Reciprocating Pump, Pelton turbine test rig

Fitting Shop

Pipe vice 50 mm pipe dia capacity wt. 5 kg approx. round pillar

Drilling machine bench type Max d


ia of drill 1" with drill sleeves

Bend Saw metal cutting machine

Bench Vice, Tools Grinders, Die-Sets

Carpentry Shop

Carpenters vice 7'' quick release front dog heavy duty minimum  jaw opening 150 mm

Carpenter Vice 9'' quick release front dog heavy duty minimum jaw opening 200 mm