Intake: 40 seats; Course Duration: 3 Years

              The major subjects of the curriculum are common with the Mechanical branch. IInd year syllabus is exactly same as that of Mechanical branch, wheres some specialized subject are added in Third year, which are as follows:

Diploma – Mechanical (Automobile) is equivalent to   Diploma-Mechanical Engineering for all the government/private jobs. Students of Automobile engineering get specialized knowledge of Automobile subjects in addition to the Mechanical Engineering subjects.

For the practical knowledge of the automobiles/vehicles there are different laboratories and workshops in the institution.

Besides the basic facilities and machines of mechanical engineering, some specialized equipments/machines/cut section working models of vehicles/automobile systems are also available in the above shops e.g.-

cut section (real size) working model of transaxle, engine, gear boxes, clutch  system, steering systems, differential, rear axles, lighting and wiring systems, wheel balancing machine, engine test rig, auto. electrical test bench, exhaust gas analyzer, battery charger, tyre changer, Jeep (non road worth), cut section chassis working model of Maruti-800, Maruti-Van.