The department was established during the inception of the institute in 2013. Since its commencement,  The Department is committed to impart quality and value based technical education to solve real world problem with inclination towards social issues. Study and Projects are to be made in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering with broad emphasis on design aspects of electronic systems.The Engineers educating from the department spend their three-year  period under the influence of some of the most experienced faculty members. Department is supervised by Sh. Gajananad Kumawat.

Core Curriculum :

The syllabus of the Department composed of the fundamental concepts blended with ultra modern topic to impart quality technical education, the lab/workshops consists of basic instrument to software/simulators for providing the student a feel of industrial work environment.

Department cover almost all upcoming and areas of significance viz. Analog & Digital Electronics, Microelectronics, VLSI Design & Technology, Electronic Instrumentation, Control Systems, Analog & Digital Communications, Microwave Engineering, Radio, Television, Radars, Optical Communication, Satellite Communication, Mobile Communication, Computer Communication Networks, Image and Signal processing, etc. The well-equipped laboratories supplement a large number of these courses.

Laboratories :

The Department has traditional and modern laboratories/ workshops such as

Electronics Workshop

Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Lab

Power Electronics and Communication Lab

Electronic Devices and Instrumentation Lab

Faculty Detail :

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E-mail Id


Sh. Gajanand Kumawat

Head Of Department

M.Tech., B.E.



Smt. Arpita Kumari


B.Tech, M.Tech (pursuing)