To impart quality technical education and produced globally competent well discipline skilled professional diploma engineer in the field of Computer Science for the nation. 



To achieve excellence, continuous advancements and technological innovations through quality education.
To enhance career opportunities for students through exposure to industry. 
To promote excellence by encouraging creativity, critical thinking and discipline. 
To develop employability, entrepreneurship to meet the needs and challenges of industry and society. 



The department of Computer Science and Engineering, is officiating headed by Sh. Mukesh kr. Gothwal . The Department offering a Diploma program since the establishment of the College in the year 2006 with a view to offer quality education to numerous worthy young fellows as well as to meet the huge demand of highly qualified specialists in the field.The Department provides knowledge to students with the latest technologies and practical exposure so that they can make their presence felt in the latest technical revolution. 


The department aims at cultivating qualities like leadership, teamwork, self confidence, good communication skills among its students and is committed to insure lifelong learning attitude. and establishing strong relationship with the industry so as to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector.

The intake of students in the department is 40 once in an academic year. Students graduated from this department are employed in different prestigious institutions, organizations and industries. And some students are getting admitted at well reputed institutes or college for further studies. .

The department has a well qualified number of full-time faculty members with best available exposure to ever-growing horizon of computer science and engineering. Besides, a number of Guest faculties (from other universities, research organizations and industrial establishments) are also invited time to time to teach students the latest technologies and the latest trends in computing fields.

The department organizes seminars, conferences, workshops and Expert Lectures on Various New outcomes in Computer Science and Engineering.  With reference to social aspects the department provide short term vocational trainings with the assistance of Rajasthan Mission of Livellihood (RMoL). or unskilled persons.

S.No. Photo Faculty Name and Designation Qualification Experience mail id Contact No.

Sh. Mukesh Kumar Gothwal 

Lecturer CSE Dept.

B.E.  16 years 9887029128

Smt.Sakuntla Meena

Lecturer CSE Dept.

BTech. 9 years 8003613425

Mrs. Priyanka Nehra

Lecturer CSE Dept.

BTech,Mtech 1 year 7742179758


The Computer Science & Engineering department has the following full fledged Computer Labs
* Computer Programming lab 
* Computer Networking Lab 
* Advanced Computing Lab 
* PC Hardware and Maintenance Lab

In the above labs students implements several programs according to their course curricullum.
C/C++/JAVA Programming
Through this the students understand the basic concepts and constructs of the programming language C ,C++ and Java

creating classes and objects using Java; implementing constructors and constructor overloading; solving problems using Inheritance and Polymorphism; create your own package and interface; handling exceptions arising in programs; use of multithreading in programs; use GUI components and applets in your programs; implement Sockets; and

* connect databases with your programs
Advanced DBMS Lab

Through this lab students perform following programs

Study of problems and generating ER ModelsStudy of Normalization Techniques.Creating Database using ORACLE.Apply constraints on Database.Practicing on Different statements DML ,Views,PL/SQL control statements.Practicing on Triggers,PL /SQL procedures and functions.
*practicing cursors,packages and LOB data Types
System Software Lab
*The aim of this lab is to provide how to design the system software.
*Practice different phases of Compiler
*The lab also provides an understanding of the design aspect of operating system
Internet and Web Technologies
Through this lab student implements the following topics
*Installation of Web server and Web browser Practice for creating web pages/sites using HTML Practice for creating web pages/sites using JavaScript Practice for creating web pages/sites using DHTML Practice for creating web pages/sites using CGI
*Practice for creating web pages/sites using Perl
PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting lab
The aim of this Lab is to configuring and maintaining the computer systems and networks.The students should achieve a deep understanding of
*Basic components of a computer system.The specification of each components of the system.How to assemble a systemsInstallation of different operating systemsStudy and Identify of various parts of a PC Creating Disk Partitions and formatting them. Installation of Network Interface Card (NIC) or LAN card Installation of Local Printer Installation of Network Printer Installation of Scanner Use PING command to verify the TCP/IP connection between two nodes. To login to remote Desktop using TeamViewer utility. To prepare a Straight cable using standard color coding. To prepare a Crossover cable using standard color coding.
*To connect two PCs using Crossover cable without using a Switch or Router