To produce quality human resource of good standard and skill in mechanical and automobile engineering who can contribute favorably to the technological and socioeconomic development of the nation and to be a center of excellence in technical education for making significant contribution to the individual with a commitment to serving the society.


To develop state of the art facilities related to mechanical and automobile engineering with social commitment through a qualified faculty.

To promote participation of industries in academic and consultancy as per their requirements.

To engage in a dialogue with society to be able to effectively contribute for the betterment of humankind.


The department of Mechanical (Auto) Engineering, is headed by Sh. Vinay Kumar Garg .The Department offering a Diploma program since the establishment of the College in the year 2006 with a view to offer quality education to numerous worthy young fellows as well as to meet the huge demand of highly qualified specialists in the respective field. The program follows an intensive course curriculum containing well-organized courses on basic sciences, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, basic computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering, management and humanities. 

The intake of students in the department is 40 once in an academic year. Students passed from this department are employed in different prestigious institutions, organizations and industries and some students are getting admitted at well reputed engineering and other institutes or college for further studies like graduations and etc. 


The department has a well-qualified number of full-time faculty members with best available exposure to ever-growing horizon of mechanical and automobile engineering. Besides, a number of Guest faculties (from other universities, research organizations and industrial establishments) are also invited time to time to teach students the latest technologies and the latest trends in mechanical and automobile engineering fields. 


The department organize seminars, conferences, workshops and Expert Lectures on Various new outcomes in mechanical and automobile engineering, electronics and computer science and engineering. Department ready to consult the industries and other vendors, able to provide quality upgradation training to skilled persons. With reference to social aspects the department provide short term vocational trainings with the assistance of Rajasthan Mission of Livelihood (RMoL) or unskilled persons.



Mechanical (Auto) engineering Labs / workshops



Strength of Materials lab- 


In Engineering every structure or machine element is designed for a particular application. Then it is tested. ADiploma holder should be capable of designing the various elements for particular requirements. For this he must be able tocalculate the stresses in an elements and their nature.


Fluid Mechanics lab-


Technicians have to deal with pressure measurement, transportation of fluids and the machines converting hydraulicpower into mechanical power and vice versa, in the field/industries for that one has to have a basic knowledge of fluidmechanics and machines. Topics such as pressure measurement, laws governing the flow of liquids, measurement ofdischarge, production of power are included in this subject.

Although the major emphasis in this subject is on the study of liquids like water an incompressible fluid yet all theprinciples are applicable to all the fluids such as air, gas, steam etc. I includes the knowledge of various machines workingon the principles of hydraulics.


Auto Model lab, Auto Shop& Garage- 


Knowledge of chassis layout, suspension system, braking system, wheel and tyres, frame and body, transmissionand steering is imparted in this subject.Modern automobiles are very much different from the conventional ones. Almost every system of automobilehas been improved keeping in view the comfort, economy and safety aspects. This subject keeps the students intouch with these developments.


Heat engine lab-


For technical education in Mechanical & Auto mobile engineering field the subject of Thermodynamics and ICE isvery important for understanding the basic principles and concept of thermodynamics and knowledge of thermal engineeringis essential in order to understand the working of the Petrol engines. Diesel engines, Gas turbines and air compressors.


Machine shop I  (Turning shop)-


Subject covers the study of various components used in various machines. This also deals with various types ofcutting fluids and their property. Technicians have to carry out the job of measurement and inspection in the factories forcontrolling the quality of products. Therefore they must have the knowledge of science of measurements or metrology. Theymust be familiar with the concept and technique of inspection and quality control methods.The subject has been designed to impart all the related and concerned knowledge to the student to fulfill the need.


Auto Shop & Garage- 


This subject imparts the practical skill and knowledge related to vehicle repair and maintenance to thestudents. Practicals such as overhauling of different vehicle systems are kept in this subject. practicals related tospecial auto machines, engine reconditioning F.I. Pump calibration etc. are included in this subject. So that studentsgain knowledge to start their own work


Refrigeration & Air conditioning lab -


This subject imparts the knowledge of engine fuels combustion phenomenon of various types of combustionchambers. Different modes of heat transfer and the knowledge of heat control through refrigeration and airconditioningis also included in this subject..


Machine shop II –


This subject gives knowledge to the students with regard to many kinds of machine tools used in industry.
Major thrust is to expose the students to acquire practical skill in handling milling machines, grinding machines,capstan and turret lathes and many other kinds of machines. This enables students to perform well on the shop floorin the industry.


Auto Electric lab-


This subject will help the student in knowing various electrical, electronic and control equipment used inautomobile, their functions, and maintenance and to diagnose the faults due to electrical/electronic equipmentfailure.