First Year or Applied Sciences 

Applied Sciences are the base of Engineering. The Department of First Year Engineering Department aims to help students develop strong fundamentals in all basic courses. With sound fundamentals, learning advanced and specialized courses become easier for students. Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Communication Skills and Principles of Economics and Management are the subjects taught at different stages of the four year course. The Department has a team of committed faculty members with proven skills in their respective fields and state-of-the-art infrastructure for learning these subjects.

Department have following laboratories with well equipped instruments.

1 Physics Lab
2 Chemistry Lab
3 Computer (English Communication) Lab
4 Carpentry Shop
5 Welding Shop
6 Fitting Shop
7 Applied Mechanics Lab


First Year Department


Shri D. K. Dave

Sr. Lecturer - Mechanical and Workshop Supprintendent 

B.E. (Mech)


Shri Surendra Jain

Lecturer - Physics

M.Sc. (Phy)



Shri Vinay Vardhan Singh

Lecturer- Civil

B.Tech (Civil)