About the Department

Electricity is the axial force around which the modern world revolves. In today’s world maximum emphasis is laid on the efficient and productive use of electricity. So there is no doubt in saying that Electrical Engineers are the backbone of modern nation and to equip our students with all the latest trends and technology under the guidance of well qualified faculty we have following laboratories in our Electrical engineering department.

1.Electrical Machine Lab –

Well equipped with all types of machines like DC machine, DC series, shunt & compound motors, induction motor of squirrel cage & spring types, Synchronous motor & alternators etc. for performing various kinds of experiments.

 2. Electrical workshop Lab-

Various experiments of repairing and maintenance of household appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, mixed etc. and complete residential and commercial wiring practical are performed by students here under the supervision of experts.

 3. Electrical mearsurement Lab-

Equipped with various measuring and testing equipment like energy meter, wattmeter, Transducers etc., in this laboratory students performs experiments of testing and calibration of various instruments.



After successful completion of diploma, students get the opportunity to serve various govt. and private sectors like RSEB, BSNL, Reliance etc. or he and she can start his own business.