Expert lecturer and seminar organized by III Cell 


.No. Topic Expert Name Orginization Date

Personality Development

Ms. Nikita Baid   13.09.2023
2 Workshop on " Career Guidence" Ms. Ruchi Meena Quiest Alliance, Bangalore 26.02.2024-28.02.2024
3 Lecture on Employment 

Mr. Raghuveer Sharma

Mr. Bhawani Sharma

Sawrnim Bharat Rojgar Sansthan 28.02.2024
4 "R-CAT" Awarness Meta Skills

Mr. Jaiveer Shekhawat

Mr. Deepesh Kumawat

DOIT&C, Bikaner 04.03.2024
5 Importance of Semi Conductor Chip Dr. Deva Ram Godara GWPC, Bikaner 14.03.2024



S.No. Topic Expert Name Orginization Date

Online Program on Pride Classroom 

EmployabilityEnhancement Program

  Naandi Foundation 15.09.2022-24.09.2022
2 Workshop on Drawing, Rendering and Shading  Er. Mukesh Singh   27.09.2022


S.No. Topic Expert Name Orginization Date
1 Goal Setting and How to do it well Mrs. Seema Walia        Motivational Speaker Principal, Shiksha High School, Bikaner 12.08.2021
2 How to prepare Portfolio Mrs. Ruchika Joshi      Motivational Speaker Director, Kaveru, Bikaner 12.08.2021
3 How to Invert in Mutual Fund Mr. Mukesh Bansal   29.10.2021
4 Career Counselling Mrs. Ruchika Joshi      Motivational Speaker Diretor, Kaveru, Bikaner 28.02.2022
5 Career in CDDM Ms. Babli Verma   21.3.2022
6 How to Boost your Self Esteem Ms. Garima Singh Part of Rersearch Charity, Queen Elizabeth Foundation , London ,UK 10.09.2020
7 Life is a Rooler Coaster of Ups and Down Mrs. Alka Dolly Pathak Principal and CEO , Dayanand Public School, Bikaner 15.09.2020