Interior Decoration

INTERIOR DESIGN is one of the few subjects which synthesize both art & science. It deals with the various aspects of comfort, beauty & liveability of the interior space. As a hybrid art, it manifests organization of space & ability to implement an idea. The fascination of design is the interplay between the infinite ideas and limited resources which include space, materials, budget & time.

The study of Interior Decoration is planned in a very strategically manner and is a 3-year programme. It is planned to prepare the students as a thorough professional & entrepreneur.

 The 1st year commences with the study of basic fundamentals of design incorporated with the study of technical knowhow of the space. The students are made to acquaint themselves with the Design elements of space and their composition through practical work and the Market surveys. The study of Constructional details are also a part.

The 2nd year undergoes Design development & material study. This year enables the students to become well conversant with design as well as with its technical requirements. The study concentrates more on design, practices, availability & accessibility of the materials and their feasibility. A 24 days Industrial training is the most beneficial and enhancing feature of this year’s curriculum. During this the students undergo Field training under the guidance of esteemed architects and established designers. This training emphasizes on the development of the overall personality of the students and transforms them into an Intense Designer.

The Final year eyes upon the professional development of the students. The students deal with the entire major as well as minor details of the field and industry. The students concentrate majorly on Commercial Design and other related fields of Interior design like landscaping, Visual Merchandising etc. The well planned Expert lectures, Seminars, Personality Development Programmes, Workshops etc. are incorporated in the study schedule.  This all helps the students to prepare & organise themselves for the smooth walk and run on the path of being a Brilliant Designer.

The Project & the Placement are the two notable & concluding features of the final year’s curriculum. The project is a Research and Concentrated work ready to be selected, executed and accomplished in the market. Thus, these concentrated years of study not only prepare & mould the students into Performers but also into Achievers. The students are quite ready to be exposed in the light of field and industry.

              Annual Intake Capacity : 40




 Placement Details

S. No.


Passed Out Students

Placed Students

Highest Package

Major Employers





2.40 lacs

  • The Design
  • Ethos Designing
  • Viz’Arch Architects
  • Design Studio
  • Sanskriti Interiors
  • Sharad Maithal & Associates
  • Spazzio Design





3.5 lacs





1.5 lacs