1. What is the procedure for applying academic leave? 
    You can obtain specified format for academic leave and forward it through Principal, along with invitation and send it to the Directorate 15 days prior to the event.
  2. Did i have to take permission from Directorate for registering as Research Guide myself from affiliated University? 
    No, you need not to take permission from Directorate, but you have to send your application to affiliating University through Principal in the prescribed format.
  3. I want to apply for some academic post in University, did i have to send my application through Directorate. 
    No, according to new circular you have to obtain only N.O.C. from Directorate then you can send your application through your Principal Office.
  4. What is the procedure for nomination in Refresher course or in Orientation Course? 
    Generally it is done by Directorate by coordinating with the concerned university, but one has to remain vigil and if he/she did not get invitation well in time, he can write application through Principal for nomination in Refresher or orientation course.
  5. How many refresher courses are required for selection scale?
    If the concerned person is Ph.D then One orientation course before senior scale and two refreshers after senior scale for getting selection scale, for non PhD one has to do one orientation and one refresher course to get senior scale.
  6. Is there any provision to obtain financial aid for paper presentation from Direcotrate?
    Presently there is no such scheme, but you can apply to different granting agencies like UGC, DST etc.