AN AGENDA FOR ACADEMIC REFORMS In the recent past, the Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur has initiated significant academic and administrative reforms in line with the XI Plan priorities and vision of higher education as advocated by the Government of India. The basic purpose of these reforms has been to promote the goals of equity, access and excellence. Foremost among these initiatives have been the introduction of semester system at the post-graduate level, far-reaching changes in M.Phil. and PhD programme, reforms in the examination pattern, making the admission process more transparent, giving more space to students form the tribal region of south Rajasthan, regular updating of course contents, providing more internet access to faculty, researcher s and students. These and similar such efforts have resulted in generating a better academic ambience in the University. It is however felt that more needs to be done to build this University as a premier institution of learning, research, extension and social outreach. With this view, the University endeavors to introduce a host of reform measures at different levels. These can be mentioned under the following major heads:

 (A)Academic Priorities and Social Responsibilities:

(B) Infrastructure Development:

(C) Administrative Reforms:

It is most humbly submitted that the measures proposed above cannot be accomplished in a short duration. But having outlined the priorities, the task before the new team is well laid out. All efforts have to be geared in this direction. The University looks forward to necessary support from the Government of Rajasthan in fulfilling these goals.