INTRODUCTION :   The University Library System has a Central position in the academic activities of the University. It is considered to be a heart of the University which should be injected with fresh blood continuously.

The University Central Library was constituted in 1962 and the Extension Library of the University of Rajasthan working in the Udaipur was merged into it in 1966 . The College Libraries were created gradually with the establishment of the Colleges. In 1987 the Rajasthan Agricultural University was spilt up from the University and all the College Libraries of Agricultural wing became the part of the Rajasthan Agricultural University. The Sukhadia University Library System consists of the following Libraries :

  1. University Central Library
  2. College of Science Library
  3. College of Social Science & Humanities Library
  4. College of Commerce & Management Library
  5. College of Law Library
  6. Faculty of Management Studies Library
  7. University Department of Geology Library

There are two separate libraries in the Science faculty (i) College of Science Library and (ii) Department of Geology Library which has been transferred from University of Rajasthan. Similarly in the College of Commerce and management. 2- Studies, two units of Libraries Are working side by side (i) Main Library of the College and (ii) M.B.A. Programme Library.

The Central Library concentrates on research support services where as the college libraries look after the specific needs of Under-graduate and Post-Graduate teaching courses of the respective College. The University Central Library caters to the needs basically of the Post-Graduate Students, Research Scholars and the faculty members of the University, catering the needs of the Research Scholars and Faculty members through INTERNET. The Central Library has set up the Information and Library Network ( INFLIBNET) Cell with the assistance of UGC . This cell is equipped with modern infrastructures. This cell regularly inputs records in the National database being developed by the INFLIBNET at Ahmedabad. This library is member of INFLIBNET and DELNET (Development Library Network) New Delhi, which has recently developed its WebPages. Readers can access our library record on the Internet. The library also provides all possible information through Internet required by the research scholars.

BUILDING: The Central Library has its own building. This building is presently occupied by the Central Library and University Administrative office. All Other libraries are housed in respective college/department buildings.

LIBRARY MANAGEMENT: Under Act and Statutes No. 5(3) (a) of the University, there is a Library Committee to render advice to the Academic Council in connection with all library matters. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman and the University Librarian/Officer-in-charge acts as the Secretary. The Chairman of Library Committee of all the colleges/department are the members of this committee. The library is being looked after by the following officers:-

Prof B.K.Shrivastava 1964-1970
Prof N.L.Hingorani 1970-1971
Prof J Verma 1971-1973
Prof O P Sharma 1973-1979
Prof G.V.Bakore 1979-1981
Prof B.S.Mathur 1986-1987
Prof B.C.Mehta 1988-1991
Prof D.N.Purohit 1991-1993
Prof U.N.Upadhyaya 1998-2001
Prof K.K.Sud 2001-2004
Prof D.K.Bhatt 2004-2005
Prof Madhu Sudan Sharma 2005-2008
Prof D.K.Bhatt 2008-2009
Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar 2009-2010
Prof. A.K.Goswami 2010-2013
Prof. S.N.A. Jaaffrey 2013-2014
Prof. G Soral 2014-2015
Prof. Madan Singh Rathore 2015-2016
Prof. Hanuman Prasad 2016-