Vision of the University

“To provide knowledge and quality based education to the students by inculcating moral values, scientific temper and employing state of the art technologies. It aims to pursue excellence towards creating manpower with high degree of intellectual, professional and cultural development to meet the national and global challenges."

Mission of the University 

  1. To impart value based education leading to holistic development and preparing enlightened citizens.
  2. To provide up-to-date, relevant and need based knowledge.
  3. To utilize the acquired knowledge in solving problem and innovation through research and development.
  4. To integrate latest technology such as Information and Communication Technology with teaching, research, extension and governance.
  5. To help students to think rationally and develop ability to work in multi disciplinary teams.
  6. To ensure access of all sections of the society for higher education keeping in view the prevailing socio-economic deprivations.
  7. To increase access of women to education and ensuring gender justice and their empowerment.
  8. To develop self reliant, enterprising and employable human resource.
  9. To use new knowledge created through research and innovation for sustainable utilization and management of locally available natural resources.
  10. To protect, preserve and promote the cultural heritage.
  11. To provide ambience in environment for freedom of expression in order to create liberal ethos.

The overall mission of the University is to move towards excellence in higher education in order to achieve just, plural and equitable society in consonance with the constitutional values.