Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan Government College, Ajmer in adherence to its Moto ‘Vidya Jyoti Param’ and a firm belief in the dictum ‘ṛte jñānānna Mukti (ऋते ज्ञानान्न मुक्तिः) i.e., (There is no salvation /Mukti without Gyan /Wisdom)”, toils to disseminate knowledge at affordable cost, in a student-centric manner, for the holistic development of its beneficiaries.

The esteemed institute caters to the need of today's ‘gender-equal society’ by generating an environment conducive to instil an Ethics of Service, commitment, integrity, and self-reliance, which is facilitated by its highly qualified and dedicated faculty, specializing in the wide array of interdisciplinary spheres of Humanities, Commerce, and Sciences. 


The Mission of the institute may be encapsulated in three terms:

“Learning, Research and Service”

To elaborate the ‘philosophy’, Our Mission is