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The availability of a well equipped auditorium in the college is important to achieve the ultimate goal of the institution in order to provide exposure to the students by participating in different types of activities so that students become more participatory, efficient, communicative, well-disciplined and well-focused towards their priorities. In addition, the auditorium is also used for public speaking in the form of Seminars, extension lectures, workshops and students union activities etc.
The College infrastructure includes a number of auditoriums, conference halls and seminar halls for organising cultural, literary and other extra- curricular events for students and faculty members.

o Maharana Pratap Auditorium – (01)
o Mahatma Gandhi Auditorium – (01)
o Seminar Hall (01)
o Lecture Theatre -(09)
o VC Room -(01)

The Maharana Pratap Auditorium, is one of the largest auditoriums in this region with a seating capacity of 1200. It is used by the institution to host various conferences, workshops and cultural activities. Besides , it is also made available to the distinct authorities too for their events, on request
The newly constructed Mahatma Gandhi Auditorium with a seating capacity of nearly 300 is equipped with an e-podium along with a recording facility.
The Video Conferencing Room with the same facilities is also extensively used.
The Seminar Hall is regularly used for meetings and various activities organised by different academic and extra-curricular clubs of the college.
The nine Lecture Theatres which are also equipped with modern ICT enabled features are used for classroom teaching and related activities.