Physics lab


The objectives of engineering physics laboratory are to conduct the practical of physics. The laboratory is equipped with state of spectrometer, Light sources, LASER sources, Newton’s rings set up, Photo cell kit, solar cell kit,SEARLs apparatus, sonometer, training boards, optical bench, microscope, meter bridge , others instruments.




Chemistry Lab



The chemistry department has all basis instrument required for laboratory. In addition there are analytical instruments like pH meter, Digital Electronic Weight Balance, Muffle Furnace, Photoelectrical Colorimeter, Water Distillation Apparatus, Hot Air Oven,  Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Photoelectrical Colorimeter,  Electronic Balance,  Magnetic  Sturrer, Glass Ware, Burettes,  Water Analyser, KIPPS Apparatus etc.



English Language Laboratory


Though our students fare well in their exams, in real life they are left fumbling for words and speak incorrect English. With globalization, there has been a rise in demand for employees with good communication skills. With the growing demand for excellent communication skills, there have been explorations in the area of technology to meet this purpose. And one such experiment has been in the field of language laboratory.


In any profession, possessing good communication skills is deemed advantageous as it helps in reaching out to most people successfully. With globalization this possession of good communication skills translates into excellent communication skills in the English Language. In a country like India, it has become essential to be able to communicate in English if one wants to further his/her career. As a result there are various courses for gaining command over the English language and nearly all these courses draw attention to providing a language laboratory to build skills in the English language.