MECHANICAL ENGG. Photo Faculty Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Bhagirath Singh Meena

Sr. Lecturer(Mechanical)

(On deputation to CEG, Jaipur)

B.E.  26 years
2 Ram Singh Meena Sr. Lecturer(Mechanical) B.E.  23 years
4 Sunil Kumar Lecturer(Mechanical) M.E.  13 years
5 Kailash Vasu Lecturer(Mechanical) B.E.  13 years
6 Girdhari Lal Sharma Lecturer(Civil) M.E.  13 years
7 Mohammad Mujahid Khan Lecturer(Mechanical) B.Tech  8 years
8 Akash Khandelwal Lecturer(Civil) B.Tech 4 years
9 Kalpana Singh Lecturer(Mechanical) B.Tech 3 years
10 Saurabh Meena Lecturer(Mechanical) B.Tech 3 years
11 Navkar Jain Lecturer(Mechanical) B.Tech 3 years
12 Ransingh Meena Lecturer(Mechanical) B.Tech 3 years
13 Aninash Sharma ATPO B.Tech 3 years


Following labs are presently working in mechanical engg. department Name of lab.  Officer incharge of lab
1 Workshop Sudt. Mohammad Mujahid khan
2 Fitting Shop Saurabh Meena
3 Welding Shop Ramsingh Meena
4 Carpentary Shop Navkar Singh
5 Automobile Lab Kalpana Singh
6 Thermal Lab Kalpana Singh
7 RAC Lab Sunil Kumar
8 CAD Lab Kailash Vasu
9 SM Lab Girdhari Lal Sharma
10 Mechanics Lab Akash Khandelwal
11 FM Lab Navkar Jain