The institution has a glorious past. The fact that the college had been accredited B+ by NAAC and was one of the MODAL COLLEGE revealed in every nook and corner and on every face. I soon realized that my administration had to live up to indeed a creditable standard. The College has an impressive infrastructure and ample open space. Full utilization of the UGC and State Govt. funds is ensured to make additions in the infrastructure. Continued progress is visible through new structures and repair. The latest addition is the Girls Hostel. The college also has a perfect blend of age and youth in its faculty members. While the senior members affectionately guide the young at every step, the young faculty is energetic, enthusiastic and ready to confront all challenges. This makes it easier to utilize their services for the useful and the good. Surprisingly, the need to enforce strict discipline has given way to participatory management. The College boasts of its academic expertise. The members are highly qualified, yet in continual pursuance of knowledge through research projects and availing TRFs. The science faculty boasts of teachers who have presented Research Papers abroad. The budding flowers (students) of the institution are by and large a disciplined lot willing to be groomed. Most of them are from rural background facing hardships to pursue knowledge. A huge percentage of students belonging to backward castes/tribes are availing scholarships, which is a formidable aid. Our endeavor is to provide the students with latest facilities and equip them with adequate skills to face the challenges of life. For this, we are incorporating job-oriented courses, latest technology, updated laboratory facilities and implementing most of UGC and State Government schemes. We have attempted to enforce good academic environment, extra-curricular activities and clean premises. Knowledge Center and Career Guidance Cell are integrated features of our system. We aim to further uplift the overall standard and achieve a better ranking by NAAC. My team members exude indomitable courage and will power which makes me feel so hopeful in contributing my bit to get my institution this esteemed status.