Best Practices



1.Social Committment and Community Outreach : The institution took up this program seriously.In the past it was confined to the NSS agenda but it was realized that community outreach needs to be practiced by one and all.Alot of needs of senior citizens wastaken up . Groups of students were encouraged to interactwith senior citizens who had problems with their pension ,bank deposits,security, familial. Our students volunteered by contacting senior citizes both in the town and in the villages. Literacy:Most of the students of the institution are first generation learners,this mission was carried out with entrusting the task of 'Each one teach one'. The students took it upon themselves to teach their parents,grandparents and younger brothers and sisters.General awareness about rights,electoral literacy and need to attend school,importance of online learning,tech education was conveyed to a great extent.

2. Academic Enrichment : IAll the departments prepared their profile as well as a power point presentations of their accomplishments. It was also decided to have a departmental magzine(online) documenting the works and achievements of the students.The students enthusiastic participation in Green audit is ample proof of their role in academic enrichment of the institution.

2020-21                                                              To promote and encourage the people less work some efforts during covid pandemic were taken. A mode of E-communication was developed in the college so as to enable notes, PDF, Question banks, and ELectures available to the students. The students could be connected through mail and whatsapp. As the examinations also got postponed time and again due to covid,the students largely benefitted by the online mode. The most significant area in which fruitful work was done is implementing the Green Camous Drive.Although there were efforts made in this regard in the last few years but the results were unsatisfactory.IOn the contrary this year it was taken up literary as a movement.The botanical garden took a radical tranformation.It was cleaned u lawns were set up and rare medicinal plants were planted.The beautification of the entire garden along with its lotus poolis a thing to boast of. Not only this but also the campus was galored with a large number of tree plantation ensuring that they flourish in every way. The most interesting part ofthe entire endeavour was that the requisite funds were largely generated through voluntary donation by staff members, eminent persons of the city who generously contributed to the noble cause. Click                                                                                                        

1. Providing Job opportunities for the students by organizing job fairs and implementing MMYKY successfully.Accounts and Taxation classes.

2.Geography Department has a smart class in addition to two labs.Study tours also took place

3. Student feedbackk both online and offline were introduced.

4. Online classes starled during and post covid time


1. Geography department infrastructure has improved a great deal. It is the richest department as it has maximum number of students enrolled and a lot of fund is raised due to non-collegiate examinees.

2. Solar panels and generator are working.

3. Automation of library completed.

4. Infrastructural development is taking place at large scale.

5. 13 Faculty members are registered as P.hD supervisor.


1. Many facility members have participated in international, national and state level seminar.

2. The facility members published their work in books and journals. 3. Many Activities were organized in this session.

4. The seminar was international many participant came to attend seminar.

5 YDC, NCC and NSS Organized Many activities.


1. Many faculty members have participated in international, national and state level seminar. They also presented their papers. Some of them were appreciated.

2. The faculty members published their work in books and journals. As the they circulated their works, others also were greatly inspired. The number of publication promises to be on the rise.

3. Many literary and cultural activities were organized in this session.

4. Geography Department has organized a seminar, the seminar was international many participants came to attend seminar. The proceeding of the seminar were also published by the organizers.

5. YDC, NCC and NSS organized Many activities.