To meet the challenges in the rapidly diversifying field of media and mass communication, the Government of Rajasthan took the momentous decision of establishing the Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication (HJU). Constituted through the State Legislature's Act No. 11 of 2019, the HJU is mandated to fill the gap in media education through teaching, training and research in journalism, mass communication and allied fields.

The university is named after Shri Haridev Joshi (1920-1995), a proud son of Rajasthan, in recognition of his rich legacy of public life and contribution to nation-building. A freedom fighter, public servant and an outstanding statesman of Rajasthan, Shri Joshi began his career as an active journalist reporting from the tribal areas of the state and went on to become the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He also served as the Governor of Assam, Meghalaya and West Bengal.

The HJU adheres to the high global standards in education and prepares students to excel as media professionals, academics and educators. The university’s curriculum is innovative, creative and inter-disciplinary in nature. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the focus is on developing technical skills and offering practical multi-media training in journalism and mass communication. The university hopes to inculcate in its students a deep understanding of Indian society and the importance of morality and ethics in public life — essential pre-requisites for the media to function as the fourth pillar of Indian democracy.

Our emphasis is to extend education beyond class-room teaching by organising seminars, talks, dialogues, workshops and inter-active sessions on Language, Law, Human Rights, Constitution and Citizen’s Rights, Science-Technology and Society, Environment, Climate Change, Gender Studies and Fake News. The HJU seeks to create not only a new generation of competent media and communication professionals but also shape them as politically and socially sensitive and upright future media leaders of India.

The university is located in the excellent environs of Jaipur, a historical city and the capital of Rajasthan.Haridev Joshi: Freedom Fighter, Journalist and Statesman (1920-1995)