HJU aims to evolve and mature into a Centre of Excellence and become one of India’s finest media universities. HJU will strive to develop among its students a strong foundation for high quality journalism and inculcate in them an understanding of the Media through training, critical studies and creativity. It will disseminate and advance insightful knowledge of mass communication and media practices to promote a trustworthy media environment in the country.


Our mission is to promote media ethics education and value based journalism that enhances the strength of our democratic institutions. We will adopt a holistic approach to equip the students with reporting skills, understanding of their social responsibility, sensitivity towards contemporary issues and new tools and techniques uses in the Media Industry. 


Students aspiring to build careers in media will be provided with various learning and working opportunities under the guidance of experienced Media Professionals and Professors.


 We firmly believe in Industry-Academia interface and will associate senior media professionals and eminent academicians with the University. While adopting an interdisciplinary approach, HJU will provide academic programmes that combine theory and practice to help it’s students reach industry-level competence.  


The University will energise the values of social commitment, inclusiveness, tolerance and equality among it’s students. 


HJU will also make efforts to organise Outreach Programmes on challenging issues like human rights, plight of the marginalised, environment and climate crisis, circulation of fake news and misinformation, gender inequality etc. on a regular basis in a bid to combat injustice and promote equity and social harmony in Indian society.