IQAC 2023

Arunima Flipbook

Research and Development Cell of the College

Important Committees of the College (Session 2023-24)

Name of Committee/Cell  Cordinators/Members

Prof. Kavita Sharma, Chairperson, IQAC

Prof. I.S. Rajpurohit (AD, Regional Office)

Dr. G.N.Sharma, member

M.K.Prajapat, member

Bhawani Shankar, member

Dr. D.L. Rojh, member

L.C.Meena, member

R.K. Jhakal, member

Shubham Bansal, member

Dr. Siddhi Gupta, member

Dr. Sher Singh Gusai, External Member

Dr. O.P. Bohara, External Member

Sh. Brij Mohan Saraf, Industrialist Representative

Ramsvaroop Joshi, Alumni Representative

Aanandi Khati, Students Representative

Rajendra Chaudhary, Assistant Administrative Officer

AC Kumawat, Associate Prof., Coordinator IQAC

Scholarship Committee Sh. Bhawani Shankar
Sampark Portal  

R&D Cell

RTI Cell  
Internal Audit Committee  
Discipline and Anti-Ragging  
Minority Cell  
Women Cell  
SC/ST Cell  
OBC Cell  
Grievance Redressal Cell  
Internal Complaint Committee  


AQAR 2021-22 Documents


Sanctioned Posts during 2021-2022
IQAC Order 07.07.2021
IQAC Order 10.09.2021
College Committees 2021-22
IQAC Orders 2021-2022 (uploaded in review)
1.3.1 Professional Ethics

1.2.1 Elective Course System (60)

1.2.1 Academic Council and BoS

2.1.1 Students Admitted 2021-22
2.1.2 Enrollments from Reserved Categories
2.2.2 Student Teacher Ratio
2.4.3 Full Time teachers 2021-22
2.5.1 Assessment System

1.4.1 Feedback action Taken Report

and 1.4.2

4.1.4 and 4.4.1 Vouchers UGC, MVS and FVC Renovation
4.2.2 N list and Book purchase vouchers

4.3.1 IT Infrastructure

5.1.1 Scholarship
5.2.3 Students Qualifying in Competitive Exams
5.4.1 Alumni Constitution

6.3.4 IQAC Report 2021-22

6.3.4  Refresher Certificates

7.1.2 Alternate Source of energy
3.4.3 3.4.4


AQAR 2020-2021 Documents 


Academic Calendar information  
Academic Calendar 2020-2021 Updated (Affiliating University and DCE, Jaipur)  
Academic Calendar Uploaded on 23.08.2022   
Teaching Staff List Extended Profile 3.1            Excel Sheet (3.1)  
Nature Club Activities 2020-2021 (3.4.1)  
College Committees 2021-2022  
Annual Audit Programme 2021&22 Self Assessment  
SSS Not Conducted 2020&21  
Organogram retrieved from DCE Website  
Portal Screenshots PDF  

Criterion I 

1.1.3 Teachers of the Institution participate in following activities related to curriculum development and assessment of the affiliating University and/are represented on the following academic bodies during the last five years


Criterion III

3.4.1 Nature Club Cleanliness Drive 2020&21


Criterion IV





Criterion V



Criterion VI




Criterion VII

Pictures related to Campus Greenery,Facilities for Divyaang, Pedestrians, Water Distribution System

Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

SBD GCS Pics 2021

Statutory Cells/Committees 2021-22



Important Documents 


Affiliation Certificates

Provisional Affiliation Letter MSc Botany and MSc Chemistry 2023-24- (40 seats)

Affiliation All Subjects 08.12.2022 Letter 

Affiliation MGS University, Bikaner

(January 30, 2015 and February 19, 2015 orders)

Affiliation All UG Subjects Permanent Status 

Affiliation All PG Sujects Provisional Status 2021-2022

Affiliation (Fresh) in 5 Subjects from 2022-23 Session order


Affiliation Orders of CCE

PG Subjects SFS 2018-19 (Jainology,Sanskrit,English,Chemistry,Botany,Physics)

MGSU Affiliated College Name List @ 1960

MGSU Letter 29.09.2003

Board of Studies orders

Board of Studies order 2022 dated 06.12.2022

Board of Studies order 04 January 2020

BOS Order 2018 dated 25.10.2018

MVS Registration महाविद्यालय विकास समिति- रजिस्ट्रेशन प्रमाण पत्र- 18 फरवरी 2005 
AISHE Certificates

AISHE Certificate 2021-22 (submitted on 17.01.2023)

DCF 2021-22

Teaching Staff Details 2021-22

AISHE Certificate 2020-2021 (submitted on 23.12.2021)

Alumni Association  रजिस्ट्रीकरण प्रमाण पत्र- राजकीय महाविद्यालय पूर्व छात्र समिति सरदारशहर (March 31, 2009)
Certificate of Accreditation

Cycle 1-  Certificate of Accreditation Grade B Plus February 28 2005

Cycle 2-  Certificate of Accreditation Grade B February 19 2016

UGC Certificates Recognition of the College under section 2 f & 12 b of the UGC Act 1956 January 20 2015
Model College  Model College (Centres for Excellence) 21 July 2007 Order under Model College Scheme by CCE, Government of Rajasthan
Hindi PG Orders 

Hindi DCE 02.08.2013 Order

Hindi PG Order 23.08.2013 (DCE)

Arunima (College Magazine) Arunima 
Campus Placement Cell and Career Counselling Cell Committee order date 03.08.2023
IQAC Minutes before 2016-17 Minutes Before 2016-17