Commercial art is the art of creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising and promotion. Commercial art uses a variety of platforms  spanning both print and non-print, indoor and out of door media like magazines, websites, apps, television, hoarding ,with the intent of promoting sale and interest of products, services, and ideas.

Scope for a career in Commercial Arts

A commercial artist has the potential to covert ideas and thought into visual form. Many companies are inviting artist to convey and communicates their message in the form of graphics, creative business works, illustrators, business artwork, pictures in newspapers, advertising and commercial products.

These days’ graphic designers are in high demand. Their responsibility is to create visual presentation, images and designs to convey the business products to their customers in interactive manner.

Companies are hiring Art Directors for creating billboards, book jackets, presentations, Windows displays and technical catalogs. These profiles are stable and completely commercial.

Advancement in E-commerce, invites commercial artist who is well acquainted with graphic design, flask, animation and even the creative writers, media experts and advertisers.

Other profile at industrial level covers working in a publishing house, fashion photography, teaching and mentoring, art studios, Movies and television, story writing, Business blogs etc.

You can choose to work on selected projects by sitting at home, by opting to work as a Freelancer.

Current job profiles for commercial artists

There are multiple opening for the artists in various streams. Whether your skills are in the field of painting, writing, designing, crafts or mural, you have opportunities to start with your interest at professional level. Each profile is static and offers a good salary package.

Who can opt for Commercial Arts?

Anyone who is looking to take his creative skills to a professional level and as a career goal, can opt for the courses in Commercial Arts. The BFA program is the best option for paining , animation, sculpture, graphics and applied arts, and is being available at many colleges around the world.

The willing candidates must have:

Natural creativity (drawing/sketching) and interest in that field, Basic knowledge of Computers and internet tools, Ability to learn new technology, To opt for a Bachelors Degree program , the candidate must have a higher secondary certification, To opt for a Master’s degree, the candidate must own a Graduate degree from any stream

Key Skills required:

Job avenues

Companies are hiring commercial artists for  creating:-

Job titles