Research Supervisors and Scholars

Sr. no. Name of supervisor Name of student Title of Thesis Years
1 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Verma 1. Ajay kumar Yadav Effect of soil enrichment  with organic compost on the yield of tomato 2019
2 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Verma 2. Pawan Meena Bacterial diseases of cotton  (Crossgium SPP. ) and their bio control with etanobotanical flora of sariska national park. 2019
3 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Verma 3. Neetu soni Effect of soil amendments with organic composting on the yield of capsicum 2019
4 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Verma 4. Manju Meena Ethno botanical studies of sariska National park to control bacterial  2019
5 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Verma 5. Ramesh chand Meena Ethno botanical study of sariska national park to control bacterial discuses of groundnut  in Rajasthan 2019
6 Dr L K sharma 1. Pinkey Gurjar   Bacterial disease of Marigold tegetus and their management  . 2019
7 Dr L K sharma 2. Laxmi Meena  Bacterial diseases associated with onion (Allium cepal.) crop grown in Alwar district of Rajasthan and their eco-friendly management  2019
8 Dr L K sharma 3. Rinki choudhary Assessment of the effects of Bio fertilizer on Growth & Yield of components of Trisonella 2019
9 Dr. R N Yadav 1.Rekha Sharma X-Ray diffraction, SEM and TGA studies of fly ash admixing magnesium oxychloride cement 2019
10 Dr. R N Yadav 2.Sandeep Yadav Impact  of industrialization  on ground water quality and agriculture in & around Neemrana industrial area (Alwar) 2019
11 Dr. R N Yadav 3.Ajit   Status of water quality and it is management for availability of potable water in Alwar city Rajasthan 2019
12 Dr. R N Yadav 4.Ramkishan  Effect of value added admixtures on magnesia cement 2019
13 Dr. R N Yadav 5.Amit Kumar   Impact of varying proportions of dolomite powder filler on strength and durability of magnesia cement 2019
14 Dr. R N Yadav 6.Rajendra Sharma Effect  Marble Slurry Effect  Marble Slurry as filler on setting, strength and Soundness of Magnesia Cement 2019
15 Dr Ritu Mathur 1.Garima Khandelwal Evaluation of Burning Characteristics of Magnesium Oxysulphate Cement by Chemical Additives 2019
16 Dr Ritu Mathur 2.Richa Tanwar Evaluation of Value Added Bio Fertilizers from Marble Slurry of Makrana Origin 2019
17 Dr.Rajesh Yadav 1. Girdhari lal meena Study of water quality parameter (Special refrences to floride) of Kathumar block of Alwar(Raj.) 2019
18 Dr.Rajesh Yadav 2. Vimal Ku. Jaiman Study of water quality parameter including bacteriology analysis of sitsnala industrial area ,Behror(Alwar) 2019
19 Dr.Rajesh Yadav 3. Monika Effect of pollutant of water sources including carsinogen surrounding Bhiwadi industrial area, Alwar 2019
20 Dr. Kalpana Gupta 1. Avinash Bairwa Study on Determination of Uranium and correlated parameters in Drinking water in Sawaimadhopur and Tonk District of Rajasthan 2019
21 Dr. Kalpana Gupta 2. Amit Km Sharma Study to establish the spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in Alwar and Bharatpur Districts of Rajasthan. 2019
22 Dr. B.S. Sharma 1.Deepak Sharma Synth. Of 1,5 Benzo ……………Biological Activity 2019
23 Dr. Upendra Singh 1. Girdhari Lal Meena  Study of water quality parameters (Special Reference to fluoride) of Kathumar Block of Alwar District (Raj.) 2019
24 Dr. Akhlesh Kumar 1. Archana Yadav Study of the effect of Industrialization on Water Quality of Agyara dam and It impact on Ground Water and Agriculture    2019
25 Dr. Vijay Singh Yadav Reena Verma evaluations of water quality parameters minority (Special references muslim dense villages) area of kishangarh block of Alwar District  2019
26 Dr. Vijay Singh Yadav Pratibha Sharma  Comparative studies of the heavy matals (Zinc, lead, coper, chromium) contamination of soil in industrial area bhiwadi & Khuskhera & agriculture reason (Chikani) Tulera in Alwar District  2019
27 Dr. Jitendra Singh  1. Deepak Kumar  A Study of fuzzy Optimization Problem  2019
28 Dr. Jitendra  Singh  2.Anju Yadav A Study of Various aspects of Transportation problems  2019
29 Dr.Mahesh Chander Mishra 1. Jagmohan Sharma preparation and characterization of thin film os technologically important  matrial 2019
30 Dr. Ravi Kumar Vijai 1.Priyanka Gupta Study of Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Lithium and Cobalt substituted Nano Crystalline spinel ferrites. 2019
31 Dr. Ravi Kumar Vijai 2.Saptesh Kumar Synthesis of Zinc and Nickel substituted nano crystalline spinel ferrites and Investigation of their dielectric and magnetic behaviour. 2019
32 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Chanwla 1.Prakash Singhariya Theoretical Investigation of ion Acoustic Solitions, cnoidal waves and double layers in plasmas   2019
33 Dr.Ajay Kumar Verma 1. Manoj kumar Tekaria Ecological and Behavioural study of Sambar (Cervus unicolor) at Nidani Reserve forest,Alwar 2019
34 Dr. Sunder Lal Sharma            1. Deepa Bhambhani Assessment of Environmental  Risks Associated with the disposal Practices of Biomedical Waste in Alwar  2019
35 DR.Mamta Sharma 1. Pushpa purusharthy Topic- organochlorine pesticide in milk and water samples from alwar and Tijara 2019




Research Promotion Policy and Research facilities are frequently updated by the college in BOG of RUSA. The Research advisory Committee and Research ethics committee are jointly responsible for implementing the research policy of the college

The role of committees is:

1. Facilitates the faculty in undertaking research and will work with the college management to set up a research fund.

2. Provide research facilities in terms of laboratory, equipment, research journals and research fund etc. required by the faculty and improve the availability of research infrastructure requirements.

3. Encourage and promote research culture.

4. Encourage the faculty to undertake research by collaborating with other research organisations/ industry and organize workshops/ training programmes/ sensitisation programmes to promote research culture.

5. Guide and motivate the faculties and students to get research projects.

6.Approach National and international organisations for funding major and minor research projects undertaken by the faculty / students

7. Research ethics committee implements an official Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.

8. Facilitate Inter-departmental / inter-disciplinary research projects.

9. Encourage the faculty members who receive state, national and international recognition for research contributions as well as research awards and recognition from reputed professional bodies and agencies.

10.Encourage and promote the publication of research articles by the faculty in reputed/ referred journals and create/maintain a database of research work and research projects undertaken by the faculty and students.

11.Prepare guidelines for design and evaluation of curriculum-oriented research projects.


SPECIFIC BODIES established to coordinate and review research:


  1. Research Advisory Committee
  2. Research ethics committee
  3. Science Research Centre of RRBM University
  4. Course work coordinator of Research Centre



Research Facilities: The Research Facilities provided by the institution are constantly updated and upgraded to foster and promote Research environment in the institute.

The institution provides research facilities for the Faculty/ Research scholars