Institutional Vision:
Institution’s vision is excellence in Higher Education. Our Institution, R.R. College, has created a special niche for itself in the past almost nine decades. The vision behind the establishment of the institution was a philanthropist one. The founders of this historical institution wanted the people of this area to have an open access to learning, irrespective of caste, color and creed.

To fulfill our vision we welcome students from diverse backgrounds irrespective ofregion, religion, caste and economic strata. Raj Rishi College is one of the most dynamic and vibrant college of the state, responsive to the changing global trends, providing high quality educational opportunities for the learner community, especially for those coming from the lower socio-economic rural strata of society seeking quality education. We strive hard so that our programs, as well as, continuing personal and professional enrichment in selected areas lead to the formation of a scholarly community by advancing, sharing and applying knowledge and by facilitating the development of thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens.


Institutional Mission:
The mission of Raj Rishi College is to contribute and work with a sense of commitment towards the educational, cultural, economic, environmental and social advancement of the region by providing excellent undergraduate education and quality programs leading to bachelors, masters, professional and doctoral degrees. College strives to provide and maintain academic environment and systems enabling maximum learning, to produce competent scholars and professionals.