Best Practices

"Harmony in Modernization: Preserving Heritage, Technology, and Biodiversity at Our College"

The college is one of its kind of scientific institution where modernisation is achieved by preserving the age old culture . Our heritage building is renovated in such a manner that its architectural value are maintained and at the same time space with the modern era is kept with. Keeping in lieu of the above policy Room number 12 of the college has been revamped in such a manner that it is technical sound with old architectural foundation Not only we believed in preserving our such Heritage but the college also committed in protecting its rich biodiversity .For this none of the construction  activity has been done in core area so that least have Is done to the flora and fauna of the campus. Since our departmental laboratories and main office buildings new labs are cantered in such a manner that there is a free moment during dust and down. Nilgai, peacocks ,monkeys which are the natural inhabitants of our campus .Thus we ensure that technology, biodiversity and  Heritage move hand in hand.