The city of Alwar has shown continual progress in the field of education. To impart higher education to his subjects, Maharaja Raj Rishi Dev established the Raj Rishi College here on 2nd of October 1930. It came into existence first as an Intermediate College but in the year 1945, it was upgraded to a Graduate College having faculties in Arts and Commerce. While graduate classes in Science and Arts started in 1952, postgraduate classes in Economics and Honours classes in History, Political-Science and Geography were started in 1967 and in the year 1972 Law classes came into being. Keeping in view the growing strength of students, with every succeeding year, the Rajrishi College was bifurcated in 1978-79 into two separate colleges - 'Rajrishi College' with Science and Commerce faculties and 'Government Arts College' with Arts and Law faculties. In the absence of a suitable building, the classes of Arts and Law continued in the Rajrishi College itself but in the year 1984.


NAAC Accreditation Details

SN Cycle Grade Year of Accreditation
1 1st Cycle   B+ 2005
2 2nd Cycle B 2016

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Details of infrastructure facilities

Facilities Existing
Campus area/ constructed area 7.77 hect./ 1.77 hect.
Class rooms 47
Laboratories 2
Seminar Halls 1
No. of important equipments purchased (≥ 1-0 lakh)  during the current year. 83
Value of the equipment purchased during the year (Rs. in Lakhs) 4E+06
Others -


Library services

Item Name No. Value
Text Books 32928 4936033
Reference books 47904 14429487
e-Books NIL NIL
Journals 36 25000


Technology up gradation (overall)

  Total Computers Computer Labs Internet Browsing Centres Computer Centres Office Depart-ments Others


1   11 2 2 8  

The table includes 42 computers in the Computer Lab and 26 Laptops issued to faculty for research and related work