Other Activities

       BSR Govt. Arts College is fully aware of to its onerous responsibility of producing world class citizens. We have made a colossal contribution to environment and society by making a worthwhile participation. NCC, NSS, Youth Development Centre and a team of committed faculty   members   engage   students   in   the   community development programs such as:

     Rallies under the aegis of NCC, Eco Club, NSS and Rajasthan Rajya Bharat Scouts and Guides to protect the environment are often taken out. Rallies for celebrating a pollution free, cracker-free Diwali are a regular feature here at our institution. Rallies along with NCC were carried out to “Say No to Polythene” and “No to Tobacco”. Bala Quilla area was cleaned by NCC cadets and appreciated by the District administration. Rallies concerning gender sensitization and prevention of crime against women are carried out. BSR GAC regularly organizes Blood Donation Camps. It is in collaboration with well known NGO‘s like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Uddan Alwar Blood Bank and the team of doctors is from civil hospital. Free Counselling Camps are organized from time to time to help adolescents, adults and children to cope with their emotional and psychological problems. The college offers extension programmes in addition to those supported by the university. Students are encouraged to complete any one of these extension activities:

  • Rajasthan Rajya Bharat Scouts and Guides Total 3 Units (Two Rover Groups and one Ranger Team)
  • National Cadet Corps (NCC) 3 Raj. Armd SQN NCC and 1 Raj EME Coy NCC Alwar
  • National Service Scheme (NSS)  total 4 Units
  • Youth Development Center (YDC)    Human Right Cell
  • Women Cell
  • “Harit Rajasthan Tree Plantation” programme of Govt. of Rajasthan
  • Red Ribbon Club- to develop HIV and AIDS awareness and Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign- 4 Units


   The  college  is  incessantly  organizing  a  number  of outreach activities which relate to academic, social, cultural, community, training  and  international  service,  and  adventure  etc.,  all culminating in building a healthy society contributing to our nation  building.  The college makes Annual Programme Planner and finalises various projects to be undertaken which directly benefit students, society and the nation. Saplings of Life  club,  Women  Empowerment  Cell,  and  other  societies function round the year to involve the students in various social movements  and  activities  which  promote  citizenship  roles. These  Cells  take  care  of  all  logistics  like  the orientation  for  students  and  faculty  members,  annual plan, schedules  for  every  regular/special  camp  activities,  guest lectures, budget and communication with other organizations and  agencies.  The centres   collaborate   with Government hospitals (for Health Check-up Camps, blood donation), district administration, village officers and other NGOs for organizing of  survey,  rallies  and  awareness  programmes.  They   are evaluated   on   the   basis   of   three   components   namely Participation, Cooperation and Leadership in various camps and extension activities.

   The  students  participate  in  many  cultural  Programmes  and competitions like Essay writing, Quiz, Story writing, poetry, singing,  dancing,  acting,  painting,   Debate, Elocution, slogan writing and poster-making. They also celebrate   important   days   of   national   and   international importance like Sardar Patel Jyanti. The students in collaboration with various NGO‘s like Alwar Blood Bank, many events like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Traffic Awareness Seminars, Female Feticide  Awareness  Rallies,  Say  No  to  drug campaign  and many   other   programmes.    These   activities    encourage interpersonal interactions that are good for building a strong civil society.

   The Youth Development Centre in the college has been set up with the aim to developing students’ personality, equip them with diverse skills and to provide valuable career guidance to propel them towards a bright future. Efforts are  made  to  strengthen  students connection with the community by maximising their living skills in preparation for a smooth  transition  into  independent  living  and  in  order  to become productive members of the society.