Vision & Mission

BSR Govt. Arts College is situated at an urban location where a large number of students belonging to rural areas are enrolled. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and support through effective scaffolding for student learning for the benefit of such students from diverse backgrounds. 

We strive to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.

   Vision   Mission

Our vision is to educate young men and women not only to make them employable human recourses but also the learned citizens with moral commitment, continuous introspection and noble character. To provide such an opportunity and open access to higher education in Arts and Humanities to students across entire social strata, irrespective of caste creed or colour.                                                       


Our Mission is to make every student employable through all-encompassing training and development of right skills. The institution aims to emerge as a centre of academic excellence and research. The college being a govt. institution aims at reaching out to the lesser privileged and lesser motivated to pursue higher education and thereby converting the unaware into awakened, educated and capable human resource and citizen.


The governance of the institution is reflective of and in tune with the vision and mission of the institution to achieve its mission of providing better education, habits, skills the college take utmost care in imparting knowledge to students through :

  1. Implementation of reservation policy as per government rules. Seats reserved for the students of these category.
  2. Financial assistance to the above-mentioned sections of society in the form of concessions in admission fee.
  3. Scholarships /stipends and free books are provided to the socially backward and weaker sections and differently abled students.
  4. Faculty members are encouraged to put more efforts and take extra classes and provide notes to make them capable to compete with other students.
  5. Different quiz and programmes are organized to prepare the weaker section students for competitive exams.
  6. Student Mentoring and Counselling by expert and sensitive faculty Guidance is provided to these students to go for higher studies and other jobs.
  7. Guidance is provided to these students to go for higher studies and other jobs.

To inculcate good habits and groom the student s for better jobs the college provide guidance in skill and personality development to achieve its mission and vision in Matsya Mewat Region of Rajasthan.

Located in the ARRAVALI region, BSR Government Arts College, Alwar is committed to the uplift of the poor , marginalized sections of the Indian society. This objective is attained through concerted efforts aimed at the holistic development of students in particular so as to enable them to become participants and contributors with the mainstream society.

While preserving the enduring values of its mission of providing quality education to the students through Inclusive Excellence in teaching and research.

The institution has been striving towards achieving the stated objective of Providing higher Education and Research opportunities to the students of the weaker section, specifically SC/ST/OBC students.

To achieve Gender equality women, men, girls and boys enjoyequal rights, opportunities, and the college provides equal opportunity to shape their future and contribute to nation building and society.