Best Practices & Core Values

  1. Computerized Administrative Block and Automated Library. Improvement in work place facilities and a congenial environment leads to much better work efficiency. The college administration took this step to improve work ethics and timely disposal of administrative work.
  2. IQAC initiated Personality Development and Career Oriented Course, free of cost for all interested students. 40 days duration. Certificates issued to successful candidates.
  3. The IQAC “Faculty Talk” and Research Scholars Meet programme for promotion of interdisciplinary research started keeping in mind the importance of research and to guide the researcher to explore new vistas concerned with his/her research area. The research meet also provide a common platform for research scholars across different discipline and improve upon the research area.


  1. The college has a solar power panel of 32 KW.
  2. Groups of students have visited Bio-diversity Park Alwar, to know about plant animal diversity of the region. Geography department organize field visits and run a paper in Environmental Geography to teach in detail other issues related to conserve and protect environment.
  3. Water harvesting system are developed at selectedplaces in the college campus. Extensive use of LED Bulbs besides attempts to make students aware about conservation of energy through slogans, posters, charts etc.
  4. The campus is lush green due to extensive plantation program being conducted from time-to- time. Plants are watered and maintained by the NCC cadets/NSS/SCOUT & GUIDE volunteers. E-waste is auctioned to vendors. The garbage is collected and put in the compost pit. The compost manure thus produced is used to manure plants.
  5. The college takes pride in imparting quality education and completion of syllabus in time. The college adopts systematic process of curriculum delivery to the students. The college administration has devised a flowchart on the basis of seniority of faculty members to monitor the curriculum system. Senior faculty are appointed as members in order to monitor effective governance of the academic process within the institution. All these efforts are reflected in the University result, which remain 90 percent and above through the years. the result reflects the performance of teachers and their teaching quality. The University result is analyzed and the shortcomings are discussed. The faculty also fill result in their annual appraisal. Every teacher puts in best performance in both the UG &PG programs.
  6. Working as nodal college for scholarship and resource sharing through DRAC and NAAC guidance to all colleges of Alwar district.