GPC hanumangarh  is situated at opposite DIET Hanumangarh in Hanumangarh Junction, which is a landmark place in the colourful of Hanumangarh. Bounded by the Abhour Road on the east, the Sriganganganagar Road on the west, a Canal on the south, and Sangaria-ganganagar bypass Road  north, the Institute campus is flanked by PHED Tanks. Well connected to the major city centres by open and wide roads, the Institute campus is about 5 Km. away from the Hanumangarh JN  Main Railway Station, 8 Km. from the Hanumangarh Town .

The campus of the Institute extends to an area of 10 acres. With many topographical features, imaginatively laid out with picturesque landscape, numerous buildings of various nature and stature, and clean and wide roads, the campus presents a spectacle of harmony in architecture and natural beauty. The campus area has been divided into four functional zones : (i) Residential zone for students; (ii) Residential zone for the faculty and staff; (iii) Academic zone for academic buildings and workshops; and (iv) Cultural-cum-social and recreational zone for students. The site being longitudinal in shape, the last two zones have been located mid-way between the two residential zones in order to reduce walking distance.