Since inception, Govt polytechnic College Hanumangarh has distinct identity and academic position amongst the Polytechnics Colleges in the State of Rajasthan. The college provides to its student’s ample opportunities for their academic, physical, mental, cultural, social, spiritual, and moral holistic or total development. The college has given importance to academic environment and IT based learning training activities by number of innovative and novel practices. 

Serene location of the campus provides conducive environment for learning and achieving the academic and professional aspirations of the students. Laboratory work and hands on practice facilities are provided to promote talent and innovation in students as per the emerging demand of present market. Institute understand the requirements of prospective employers of engineering diploma students and generate requisite special hard skills and soft attributes in its students for global business environment. The emphasis on positive thinking and presentation skills generate much needed self-confidence and motivation for securing a good job and better performance in the world of work.


We welcome all our students in the GPC Hanumangarh campus. You will be in a caring, inspiring, and disciplined campus. The simple functional building, well equipped laboratories, workshops and computer centre in the hands of a team of dedicated and well qualified Faculty Members will definitely shape your future as per the expectation and aspiration of your paents. We pledge to serve you with commitment and dedication. The polytechnic will provide an education that works.