Vice Chancellor

Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Praveen Singh Rathore

Born on 30 July 1957, Dr Praveen Singh Rathore obtained M.Sc. (1981) and Ph.D. (1988) from S.K.N. College of Agriculture, Jobner. He started his career as lecturer (1981), served as Head of Department, College of Agriculture, Bikaner and University Head, Department of Agronomy. Dr Rathore also served as Director, Directorate of Human Resource Development, September 2011-March 2016. He has served and contributed in agricultural education, research and extension for 33 years. Dr Rathore has guided 13 M.Sc. and 3 Ph.D. scholars. Dr Rathore has worked for more than 10 years (2001-2011) in research system as Additional Director of Research (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) and as Zonal Director of Research. He is acclaimed for his agronomic research related to sulphur nutrition and organic farming. He has contributed 42 research papers, 3 books, 30 book chapters, besides 16 technical bulletins and popular articles. His involvement in farmers participatory research has helped in technology transfer and adoption in service area.

SKNAU wishes to grow leaps and bounds under Honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) P.S. Rathore guidance.