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IQAC Activities 2022-2023

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SLQAC Meeting of Commissioner, College Education with Principals and IQAC Co-ordinators on SSR Preparation 16.08.2022   Click Click All IQAC Members











Session Minutes Action Taken Report Action Taken Report and AQAR Submission Status
2020-2021 IQAC Minutes 2020 21 2020-21 IQAC Report 
2019-2020 IQAC MINUTES 2019 20 2019-20
2018-2019 IQAC MINUTES 2018 19 2018-19
2017-2018 IQAC MINUTES 2017 18 2017-18
2016-2017 IQAC MINUTES 2016 17 2016-17
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IQAC Programmes

Workshop/Practical Knowledge workshop on Panchayati Raj  Report  
National Web Seminar on IPR Awareness18.01.2022 Report Newspaper Clippings

Educational Tour cum Fileld Visit Workshop for the students of Public Administration

and Political Science 20.12.2021

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Web Seminar Department of Hindi on Hindi Bhasha evam HIndi Patrakarita me

Rojgaar Sambhavnaayen 28.02.2022

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Webinar on Environment Conservation and Bio-Diversity 07.06.2020 Report Click
Seminar on Net Banking Awareness 21.12.2019 Report Click
Seminar on Cyber Crime Awareness 06.12.2019 Report Click

IQAC Initiatives

Use of ICT for Data Collection 2020-21 Session AQAR Data Collection Link